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Happy Go Hopscotch
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Meet the Characters

  • Hopscotch


    Hopscotch is a ray of sunshine, and a ball of energy, whose joyful antics rub off on everyone around her. If her friends are feeling grumpy, sad or afraid, Hopscotch is always ready to help.

  • Barbara


    Barbara is a super organized, slightly hyper, wooly bundle, who puts boundless energy into caring for the local kiddies.

  • Carlo


    Carlo is a scruffy, cheeky, cat, who says the first thing that crosses his mind. He’s rowdy, mischievous and loves a bit of rough and tumble.

  • Ingrid


    Ingrid is a nervous, sensitive, squeaky piglet, who’s easily overwhelmed by life.

  • Malcolm


    Malcolm is a wise, old Scottish bull, who likes to read clever books while drinking cups of tea. He’s also rather fond of sleeping, or as he likes to call it, meditating.

  • Jules


    Jules is a grumbler and a grouch, who stumbles from one disaster to another, always convinced that it’s worse for him than anyone else.