Our book Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree is available now!

Happy Go Hopscotch

Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree

Christmas TV special

The half hour Christmas special has been greenlit and will be delivered in time for a Christmas 2018 broadcast.

Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree is the heart-warming story of Hopscotch, a happy horse, and her animal friends. Aimed at pre-schoolers, the story is grounded in the Science of Happiness and aims to teach children that when they stay positive, sometimes they find the best solutions right under their noses.

The half hour special is based on a book of the same name which was the fastest selling book for boutique publisher Tiny Tree when it was launched in the UK in Christmas 2017. Both the book and TV special were created and written by author Katy Segrove and illustrated by Russian artist Katerina Vykhodtseva.

We are delighted to launch the Happy Go Hopscotch brand with this Christmas Special. We hope children will find the Hopscotch world thoroughly entertaining, and that parents will also love it, because it's teaching their children Positive Psychology!

- Inesa Ivanova
founder of Kinomind Films

A Happy Go Hopscotch series is currently in development to follow on from this special, thanks to development funding awarded from Creative Europe. Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree is distributed worldwide by Meta Media Entertainment.

Happy Go Hopscotch

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