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Happy Go Hopscotch About

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Happy Go Hopscotch


Research has revealed that our happiness in large part relates to our habits, thoughts and daily activities, and we can control it to some extent. Friendship, kindness, gratitude, optimism, forgiveness, mindfulness, learning new skills, achieving goals, amongst other things, have all been proven to boost it.

Wrapped up in comical stories, Happy Go Hopscotch teaches our young viewers about what makes us happy and how to bounce back when something goes wrong. It taps into the Science of Happiness and helps pre-school kids to build healthy thought patterns and behaviours, enhancing the way they think and act day after day.

Happy Go Hopscotch


Hopscotch and friends live in a colourful, sun-filled world, which is rather like ours. The storylines will take place around their home which is an enchanting, cobbled mews, or in an amazing garden filled with flowers, and sometimes at a local market, crafty art café, funfair or a museum.

On a special occasion, they might climb a mountain, row down a river, or float away in a hot air balloon. This world is spacious and full of light.

Happy Go Hopscotch


  • Lucky Pennies

    Learning to share

    Carlo finds some lucky pennies and buys a bag of sweeties. First he hides them away, but after following Hopscotch's example, he discovers the joy of sharing. Everyone is thrilled by the yummy feast, and Carlo most of all!

  • The Shoe Laces

    Learning to persevere

    At the ice rink, Hopscotch teaches Jules how to tie his shoe laces in a creative way, and encourages him to try until he suceeds. Jules is excited although he doesn’t know how to skate - he's just learned if he perseveres he can do it!

  • Camping

    Expressing your need

    The gang is camping. Carlo has never slept in a tent before and every time they’re about to drift off, makes an excuse to leave. Eventually, he admits he's afraid. The friends say it's ok and give Carlo a huge comforting hug. Soon they’re all fast asleep.

  • The Castle

    Learning to change perspective

    The friends go to visit a castle but find it closed. Everyone is bitterly disappointed. Hopscotch says they can imagine all the exciting things inside and the gang start acting out a magical story with pretend swords and fancy crowns. There is so much fun after all!

  • Hopscotch’s Coat

    Learning to forgive

    Hopscotch is devastated: Ingrid got her favourite coat dirty. The friends can't console her, so Ingrid re-enacts the scenario with toys. Hopscotch realises she is more upset about losing a friend than her coat and forgives her. They both feel so much better!

  • Malcolm Doesn't Like Gymnastics

    Trying new things

    Malcolm is reluctant to come and try trampolining, but Hopscotch invents a way to lure him. He starts slow and steady, and then gets faster and higher – woohoo! Malcolm’s thrilled he tried something new and the three of them bounce happily together.

  • Picnic In The Sky

    Practising optimism

    Everyone is distraught when Ingrid drops the picnic basket out of a hot air balloon. But before long, they decide to stay positive and manage to drift over tree tops stuffed with ripe fruit. Fruit salad for lunch! Next, rain serves as a refreshing drink. What a magical picnic!

  • The Busker

    Savouring the little moments

    In town, Hopscotch and Ingrid are mesmerised by a busker, playing guitar and singing along, but the gang must hurry on for the bus. They are late however, so go back to see if the busker is still there. It turns out he is, and eventually they have lots of fun, secretly happy they missed their bus.

Happy Go Hopscotch
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