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HAPPY GO HOPSCOTCH is a trans-media project that encourages children to acquire healthy mental habits early on in their lives.

Science of Happiness

Science of Happiness piechart
The Science of Happiness is also known as Positive Psychology — a field of social science that explores what makes us thrive.
Happy Go Hopscotch

Our Story


Once upon a time, not so long ago, 3 young women met in the café of a small French cinema in the South Kensington district of London, England. They were Katy, Katerina, and Inesa. And over a cup of expensive French tea, they hatched a plan to tell the story of a happy horse and a grumpy chicken, based on the Science of Happiness.

Not any old story – it would be an animated story, with quirky, hand-painted pictures, who would dance and wobble across the screen. They were creative types, you see – a writer, an artist and a passionate producer.

Katy loved to write funny stories, mini sketches, epic romcoms, fantastical fairy tales - that tickled her funny bone and made her giggle.

Katerina was an artist to her core, who started out studying fine art in Moscow, before coming to England and falling in love with animation. She longed to amuse children with her eccentric animal characters.

Inesa, meanwhile, from the land of Lithuania, loved stories, both fact and fiction, long and short, light and dark. But after moving to London, what she wanted most of all, was to create a cartoon to entertain her daughter.

Why the science of happiness, we hear you ask? Katy had been fascinated with happiness ever since reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and discovering that happiness is a skill that can be learnt by adjusting your thoughts and actions. The more she read, the more she started to think that this very important skill was something everyone should learn. Especially children. And when she shared this idea with Katerina and Inesa, they quickly agreed... And that was the seed of Happy Go Hopscotch.

So far we have made 1 mini animated episode and 6 animated monologues, we’ve created a book, we’ve worked on a song, and there’s lots more to come! We love bringing Hopscotch and friends to life, and we really hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Happy Go Hopscotch

Our Friends

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